Cheveron Nails and hearts


1. Apply 2 coats of light lilac polish and immediately proceed to step 2.
With dark purple polish create the chevron pattern on each nails using nail polish brush:

2. First paint in one stroke a diagonal line at left side of the tip of your nail starting from the center of your nail tip and moving towards side of the finger.

3. Paint a diagonal line on right side of the tip of your nails. Two lines like that will form chevron pattern at the tip of your nail.

4. Cut 10 pieces of striping tape and accurately place 2 pieces of striping tape on each nail as pictured.

5. Cut with manicure scissors excess striping tape so it ends exactly at the border of the polish. Apply 2-3 coats of high gloss fast dry top
coat to finish you manicure and let it dry.
Luxury nails

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